YogaDownload Review – The Best Online Yoga Subscription for 2020?

You’ve probably already heard that a regular yoga practice comes with a lot of health benefits; improved posture, flexibility, mobility, and balance, to name a few. 

But did you know it also complements any fitness regime beautifully? Regular stretching helps you stave off injury, and as you improve your range of motion, you get better at your workouts! 

I started practicing yoga over ten years ago and although it’s not my primary form of exercise, I do like to accent my fitness routine with a few yoga sessions to help stretch out tight muscles or relieve stress from the day. 

I used to attend a yoga studio years ago, but couldn’t justify the expensive memberships. Since then, I’ve been looking for the perfect online option that would enable me to do yoga from home. 

Honestly, there are a lot of decent programs out there, but I have finally found a favorite (Asana Rebel is my other go-to yoga app! (Looking for workout apps that aren’t related to yoga? Check out my list of favorite apps.)

** I was compensated for writing this review, and I am also an affiliate for YogaDownload. However, these are my own honest thoughts and opinions from using the app. This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may earn a commission on purchases you make after clicking on those links. (At no extra cost to you!) Full disclosure here. **

Enter YogaDownload. Ever since I started using this app, I am able to easily fit the perfect yoga session into my day. 

So whether you’re wondering how to get back into yoga, or are brand new to the practice and looking for a place to start, this YogaDownload review is meant for you! (Don’t have time to read the whole thing? Quick FAQ and pro/con list at the end!)

Note: I am an affiliate for, but these are my own honest thoughts and opinions!

Yoga Download
[Image provided by] YogaDownload is ideal for developing and maintaining a yoga practice from home.

What is YogaDownload?

YogaDownload is an online yoga subscription that streams hundreds of yoga classes across numerous levels and styles, (including a couple of styles I’d never previously heard of before!)  

Aside from streaming, there are also options available to download classes for offline use. 

Subscription Cost

YogaDownload offers three different subscription options, with the biggest bang for your buck being the annual plan for $120. This works out to $10/month or $0.33 cents per day and comes with the added perk of being able to download an unlimited number of classes that you can use offline. 

There are also two monthly plans available: The Standard plan at $12/month and the Unlimited plan at $18 monthly. The Unlimited plan is the same as the annual plan, but you pay a higher rate on a monthly basis. The Standard plan comes unlimited streaming but only two downloads a month.

But if you don’t intend to watch many videos offline, the Standard plan will suit you just fine. 

All subscription plans give you a 50% discount on their yoga programs. (More on this later!)

These pricing options are way cheaper than going to a yoga studio where $120 might only get you a handful of classes.  YogaDownload is even more affordable than other online yoga streaming services I’ve tried in the past, especially factoring in the vast variety of classes and programs you can choose from.


You can access your account either from the YogaDownload website or app. With any subscription, you can stream an unlimited number of yoga classes, and there are a lot to choose from!

The majority of the classes are in video format, but there are also a number of classes that are audio-only and audio with slides. Some more experienced yogis may prefer these. (There’s something to be said about not needing to keep your eyes on a screen during your exercise or yoga session!) 

The app features a simple, clean layout that makes it easy to find the class you want quickly.  

Equipment Required

For the traditional yoga classes, you really don’t need anything more than a high-quality yoga mat. (And trust me, quality is really important. You don’t want to waste money on a mat that you’re slipping on all the time, or that tears. The B Mat is my all-time favorite mat for yoga for grippiness and portability. Of course, there are several other good mats for protecting your knees if you are looking for more options!)

Of course, there is all kinds of yoga gear you can splurge on if you’re so inclined; blocks, straps, and cushions can be helpful. And the Yoga with Weights classes do incorporate dumbbells. 

But you can very easily substitute stuff you already have around the house. For example, a rolled-up towel can replace the strap in a pinch.

The Classes

the only yoga app you'll ever need

The classes are obviously the meat and potatoes of this subscription and so this is the important section of my YogaDownload review.

There are all the traditional types of yoga you may already be familiar with like Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga. But YogaDownload also branches off into other types of on-the-mat exercises that involve little to no yoga, such as barre, cardio, and pilates.

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I’ve always loved a good vinyasa or power yoga class, and this app does not disappoint! There are also some excellent restorative classes which make for a great way to wind down after a tough workout or long workday. 

I also love the Barre classes, a ballet-inspired workout that you can do at home provided you have a sturdy chair or countertop nearby. 

Each class will give you an idea of how much you’ll sweat and what level is suitable. I like that the levels offer a wider spectrum than just “beginner”, “intermediate”, “advanced”.

There’s also “advanced beginner” and “advanced intermediate” which I find makes it easier to find the perfect class for your current skill level; the result is a class that pushes you but doesn’t overwhelm you.

I would call myself more of an intermediate yogi, but even if you’ve never unfurled a yoga mat in your life, you can benefit from this app – perhaps even more so!

That’s because they have classes designed specifically for beginners so that you can learn the poses comfortably while still enjoying the many benefits of having a regular yoga routine.

All in all, I’m really impressed with the diversity in classes; no matter what type of yoga you prefer, you will find it on YogaDownload.  

Yoga Programs

Aside from offering a wide variety of individual classes, there are also various yoga programs to help you target specific goals, such as yoga for weight loss, detox, better sleep, and pregnancy. They also have challenges, like the Lunch Break Yoga Challenge and 5-Day Evening Yoga Challenge.

The programs are at an additional cost, but you get 50% off with the subscription. With the discount, many of them are in the $20-$30 range. 

I like the idea of the programs but enjoy creating my own schedule with the individual classes and have not yet found the need to purchase one. I might try one of the challenges when it comes time to mix things up a bit!

YogaDownload programs
[Image supplied by YogaDownload] Some of the programs available for purchase.

YogaDownload Instructors

I counted over 70 instructors on YogaDownload! There’s even one yoga class by Shiva Rae, who is one of my favorite famous yoga teachers. 

I also discovered some new teachers whose classes I really enjoy, like Celeste Pereira, whose fun and playful power yoga classes make for the perfect kind of exercise on those days when I feel like something that’s challenging but low-impact.

Each teacher is knowledgeable with their own personality and is clearly passionate about the practice. 

Other Features

Other than being able to download classes for offline play, my next favorite feature is the ability to filter classes by length, style, difficulty, intensity, or focus. I can find exactly the kind of yoga class I want to do in seconds. You can also find classes based on your goals, whether you just want to learn the basics, relieve back pain, become more flexible, or get more toned. 

There is also a library of documentaries you can stream if you’re looking to learn a little more about yoga philosophy and other yoga-related topics.  

Another cool feature is the ability to rate classes and leave public reviews for other YogaDownload members to see. 

Lastly, you’re able to add classes to your account’s calendar, and set reminders. You can also export it as an ICS file and upload it to the external calendar of your choice. 

I like this feature but found it a tad bit awkward to use. For example, when you click on a class, you can click on the calendar but then the icon seems to disappear. When I go to my calendar (which you can find on the drop-down menu when you click on your profile icon), the class isn’t there. 

I found the easiest way to add classes to the calendar is to just manually add them from the calendar screen.  

Also, as far as I can see, there is no way to access the calendar or add classes to it from within the app, it looks like you can only do this from the web browser.

Of course, these are very minor things and overall the calendar feature is useful for those who like to stick to a schedule.

YogaDownload Review Summary

YogaDownload review. Best Online Yoga App- Girl doing yoga at homeI love that I can access hundreds of yoga classes for less than what I spend on two lattes from Starbucks. 

And the ability to download classes and play them offline is what really separates this from other programs I’ve tried. 

For me, it’s a no-brainer for anyone who’s looking to start or maintain a home yoga practice. It’s is your one-stop-shop for traditional yoga, specialty yoga, and everything in between!

I hope my YogaDownload review answered all your burning questions! If not, feel free to hit me up with a comment below and I’m happy to help in any way I can.


  • Low-cost monthly membership
  • Option to download classes and watch offline 
  • Tons of options for yogis of all levels, with over 70 teachers, 1500 classes, and over 20 yoga styles to choose from
  • App is easy to use
  • Ability to leave a public review of the classes
  • Compile a list of your favorite classes
  • Can choose audio-only, audio with slides, or video classes


  • Calendar feature is a little clunky
  • Video classes obviously mean you don’t get the instructor’s personal guidance or hands-on adjustments like you would in a live class.

Quick FAQ!

What is

YogaDownload is a website that offers over 1500 online yoga classes with over 70 teachers and 20 different yoga styles.

What is the cost of YogaDownload?

There are a few different affordable subscription plans available that range between $10-18 USD per month.

Is it worth subscribing?

Yes, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to learn and practice yoga from home, YogaDownload is definitely worth the subscription fee.

Corrie Alexander is a former ISSA-certified personal trainer, home fitness advocate, and founder of The Fit Careerist. A proponent of personal growth and a self-proclaimed fitness app-junkie, Corrie shares tips and product reviews with the goal of helping others on their own fitness journey.

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