• asana rebel review feature image

    Asana Rebel Review 2023: Is it an Effective App for Weight Loss?

    When the grind of my busy day-to-day schedule started to manifest in the form of chronic migraines, I realized I needed to press the ‘pause’ button on my fitness efforts.  After taking several months off exercise to get my migraines under control, I began the search for a low-impact fitness solution that would accommodate my busy schedule, lack of gym…

  • best budget yoga mat feature image - me using my new budget mat

    The 9 Best Yoga Mats on a Budget: Top Affordable Picks for 2023

    One of my favorite things about practicing yoga is that it requires minimal equipment, with the one essential item being a yoga mat. A quality mat provides cushioning and support while also creating a non-slip surface to ensure safety during poses and transitions. Disclosure: There are affiliate links in the below article which means if you make a purchase after…

  • yoga vs stretching feature image - me in wheel pose
    Fitness Tips,  Health & Wellness

    Yoga vs Stretching: Unraveling the Differences for Ultimate Flexibility & Wellness

    As a fitness enthusiast and formerly certified personal trainer, I often hear people talk about their fitness routines and what they do to stay healthy. However, there’s one misconception that comes up now and then, which is this idea that yoga and stretching are the same thing. I mean, sure, yoga and stretching both involve bending your body, but that’s…

  • best home workout apps woman on the floor with her workout app next to yoga mat

    The 10 Best Home Workout Apps of 2023

    Ever have a long day at work, and the last thing you want to do is battle the rush-hour traffic just to hit a crowded gym? You’ve got dinner to cook, laundry to fold, and let’s not forget the precious minutes (sometimes hours) you spend commuting. BUT. You’ve also promised yourself you’d get in shape this year. Sound familiar? Don’t…

  • My personal best yoga mat for bad knees, the gorilla mat

    The 9 Best Yoga Mats for Bad Knees

    There you are, ready to flow into your favorite yoga poses, but those pesky bad knees have other plans for you. As someone who used to suffer from runner’s knee, I know this plight all too well – and have embarked on a quest to find the best yoga mats for bad knees, so we can all practice our warrior…

  • how to organize workout clothes feature image - messy drawer, clean drawer
    Fitness Tips,  Other

    How to Organize Your Workout Clothes

    There you are, rummaging through that chaotic drawer for the umpteenth time, desperately trying to find a matching pair of socks, only to end up with two left-footed ones, a sports bra from the ’90s, and leggings with a hole you’d forgotten about. My friend, I get you. Between my Lululemon and Fabletics addiction, my workout clothes drawer tends to…

  • woman struggling with dumbbell press
    Fitness Tips

    Why Do I Shake When I Workout?

    I’m sure you’ve experienced it before – that dreaded moment during a workout when your muscles begin to tremble and shake uncontrollably. It’s like an earthquake in your body! But why does this happen? The most common reason for this is simple and harmless: when we work out, our bodies use stored glucose and ATP (energy) to make the muscle…