• how to calculate calories for weight loss goal
    Fitness Tips

    How to Calculate Calories for Your Weight Loss Goal (Free Calculator)

    It’s no secret that when it comes to weight loss, it really boils down to calories in, calories out. Yes, the quality of your calories matter when it comes to your health, body composition, and metabolism, but speaking from a strictly mathematical perspective, a calorie is a calorie. You may also already know that 3500 calories equals roughly 1 pound.…

  • Daily Burn Review

    Daily Burn Review – Combining Fitness and Community

    Most of the time, I am happy to work out on my own. I can go at my own pace and challenge myself without having to worry about what anyone else is doing. But once in a while, I wish I could work out with a group of people for the social aspect of it.  And group workouts, well… There’s…

  • best barre workout at home - ballet squat

    Best Barre Workout at Home: My Review of The Dailey Method

    I have been curious about barre and pilates for ages, but just never got around to trying it out because I didn’t know where to find a good class that I could do from home. That’s why I was so excited when I was asked to try out The Dailey Method’s online barre classes, so I could get a taste…

  • how to burn 1000 calories a day - woman doing russian twists with medicine ball
    Fitness Tips

    How to Burn 1000 Calories a Day (Even if You Have a Desk Job)

    When it comes to fitness, calories matter. A lot. How many you burn and how many you consume will determine your weight, while the kind of calories you consume and the kind of exercise you do will determine your body composition.  But the truth is, most of us don’t burn enough calories on any given day without putting in a…

  • Best calisthenics ab workouts
    Home Workouts

    Calisthenics Ab Workouts at Home for a Killer Core

    Ab workouts are my favorite. There’s just nothing like the feeling of burning abs. Plus, having a strong core helps you in all other areas of fitness! But they can be a tricky area to zone in on, especially if you’re not a fan of the gym. That’s why home calisthenics ab workouts are my favorite for targeting those hard-to-reach…

  • best calisthenics equipment
    Home Gym Guides

    The Best Calisthenics Equipment for Home Workouts

    One of the best things about calisthenics workouts is that you can easily get started using just your own bodyweight. You may never need to hit the gym again! However, if you want to get more serious about upping your calisthenics game and building some real muscle, it may be wise to invest in a few choice pieces of calisthenics…

  • kettlebells swing benefits
    Home Workouts

    5 Kettlebell Swing Benefits + a Full-Body Toning Workout

    I love a good dumbbell workout as much as the next gal, but they aren’t the be-all, end-all of home weight training.  The kettlebell, for example, should be a must-have for any home gym. Why? I’ve got two words for you:  Kettlebell Swing.  If you need to take your workouts to the next level or are otherwise looking to spice…

  • Cubii JR Review

    Cubii JR Review – Is This Compact Elliptical Worth the Money?

    It’s January, which – depending on where you live – means it’s cold, dark, and snowy. Getting outside for some fresh air and exercise isn’t always feasible this time of year. I work a desk job from home and getting some physical activity into my day is hard enough as it is.  And although I work out three or four…