• Body Revolution Review - My results

    Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review – My Results After 3 Months

    If you have followed this blog at all, you will already know that I am an avid Jillian Michaels fan.  Her workout programs are tough, engaging, and perhaps most importantly – effective. By now, I have completed many of her programs, including her well-known DVDs 30 Day shred and Ripped in 30.  But perhaps the most epic program of all…

  • Best Exercise Bikes Under 500 Bucks
    Home Gym Guides

    The 8 Best Exercise Bikes Under 500 Bucks

    Stationary bikes are one of my favorite pieces of equipment for getting a killer cardio session at home. It’s right up there with the rowing machine. I got into indoor cycling and spinning about three years ago when I had to give up running due to a hip injury. I quickly became obsessed with it and discovered that indoor biking…

  • avoiding bad fitness advice when dieting or fasting
    Fitness Tips

    Avoiding Bad Fitness Advice

    How to Parse Through a Plethora of Fitness Information Without Getting Confused, Misguided, or Overwhelmed Lately, I’ve been on a real reading kick. In particular, I’ve made it my mission to learn everything I can about longevity. And one of the recurring topics that appear again and again is intermittent fasting (or IF).   So in turn, I’ve been reading a…

  • Woman on a rower - best budget rowing machines under $500
    Home Gym Guides

    The 7 Best Budget Rowing Machines Under 500 Bucks

    A couple of months back, I posted about all the best cardio exercises you can do from home that don’t involve hitting the pavement or leaving your house. I listed rowing as one of my go-to forms of cardio. That’s because I’ve been supplementing my cardio with rowing workouts for a few months now, and it’s been fantastic! In addition…

  • what to do if you miss a workout - girl doing dumbbell rows
    Fitness Tips

    What to Do if You Miss a Workout (Or a Few) in 4 Steps

    It will happen. It happens to me. It happens to everyone: Missing a workout, two workouts, or even a whole week of workouts.  And when it happens, you might be wondering what the ramifications are.  Did you lose any gains? Do you double up on your next training day? Should you just say “screw it” and flip on some Netflix?…

  • best exercise mat for hardwood floors
    Home Gym Guides

    The 7 Best Exercise Mats for Hardwood Floors

    There are a ton of benefits to working out from home; no expensive gym memberships, no long commute to and from your workouts, and privacy to exercise where you’re most comfortable. That said, there is a little planning – and a little equipment – that goes into a functional home exercise space. Related: the Ultimate List of Home Gym Essentials…

  • 8Fit Review - Woman holding a water bottle while looking a fitness app on her phone.

    8Fit Review – Come for the Workouts, Stay for the Meal Plan

    Although I already have my shortlist of go-to fitness apps, I like to mix it up and try new things now and then to keep things fresh. Sure enough, about mid-spring this year, I started itching for something different again. I’d had my eye on 8Fit for a while and so when they had a special offer on their annual…

  • How to Stay Active When Working from Home - Woman doing incline pushups using her desk.
    Career,  Fitness Tips

    How to Stay Active When Working from Home

    Working from home is a hot topic these days. No doubt, you may be one of the many people who suddenly and unexpectedly found themselves staying home to work. Which explains the onslaught of work-from-home memes over the past couple of months.  (For example, check out this hilarious selection.) Joking aside, there is a notably common theme; working from home…