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How to Organize Your Workout Clothes

There you are, rummaging through that chaotic drawer for the umpteenth time, desperately trying to find a matching pair of socks, only to end up with two left-footed ones, a sports bra from the ’90s, and leggings with a hole you’d forgotten about.

My friend, I get you. Between my Lululemon and Fabletics addiction, my workout clothes drawer tends to explode upon opening – at least until recently.

You see, I got my organization-act together, and now my workout drawer could win an award for tidiness. And I’m going to share with you all the hacks I’ve learned! So say goodbye to cluttered drawers and haphazard heaps, and hello to a workout wardrobe that works for you. Here is how to organize your workout clothes – sprinkled with humor and wisdom – to transform your disarray into an envy-worthy, functional space.

Because while Rome wasn’t built in a day, your dream workout wardrobe can be!

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Assessing Your Workout Clothes Collection

Identifying What You Have

Ready to dive into organizing the great abyss known as your workout and fitness clothes drawer collection? First things first, gather all your athletic wear and spread it out where you can clearly see each piece. It’s like assembling the pieces of a puzzle, but this time, the puzzle is your closet, and you’re the master organizer.

Determining What to Keep, Donate, or Discard

Now comes the fun part – sorting your clothes into three piles: keep, donate, and discard. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and ask yourself, “Does this sweat-stained t-shirt from that 5K three years ago still spark joy?”

If not, it’s time to let go. Be honest with yourself and consider the condition, fit, and how often you use each piece.

Remember, you’re not just decluttering; you’re creating a wardrobe that will make getting ready for your workouts as smooth as your post-yoga energy.

Evaluating Your Storage Space

Assessing Available Closet and Drawer Space

Before you start reorganizing your beloved workout gear, take a moment to evaluate your current storage situation. Inspect your closet, drawers, and any additional storage areas to determine what you’re working with.

Are your drawers jam-packed, or do you have room to spare? Is your closet overflowing like an avalanche waiting to happen, or is it a zen-like space with room for improvement?

Take note of any underutilized areas, as these will come in handy when you decide it’s time to organize your workout clothes.

For example, I only have one drawer to dedicate to my workout clothes, so I know that paring down my inventory is going to be crucial… But I noticed I could also make more use of my closet space.

Categorizing Your Workout Clothes

Sorting by Type


With your workout wardrobe in full view, it’s time to create a sartorial masterpiece. Start by separating your tops – tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves, and jackets. Like a symphony conductor, you’ll orchestrate harmony among your garments, making it easy to mix and match when it’s time to hit the gym.


Next up, bottoms! Divide your leggings, workout tops, shorts, and joggers into their own neat piles. Think of it as speed-dating for your workout clothes – you’re giving them a chance to find their perfect match.

Sports Bras

Ladies, you know the drill. Separate your sports bras by support level and style, and consider color-coding them. You’ll never have to deal with an unsupportive bra during a high-intensity workout again!


Finally, gather your accessories, stuff like socks, gloves, and headbands, into their own designated area. It’s the small things that tend to make all the difference here, after all.

Sorting by Activity


Now, let’s get activity-specific. Designate a section for your running gear, including moisture-wicking shirts, shorts, yoga pants, and socks that help you glide through your morning jogs like a gazelle.


For yoga enthusiasts, create a zen zone for your yoga wear – think stretchy leggings, comfortable sports bras, and lightweight tank tops that let you flow from Downward Dog to Warrior pose with ease.

Strength Training

Power up your workout wardrobe by separating and organizing your strength training clothes. Pick garments that provide flexibility, support, and durability essential for those weightlifting sessions.


Dedicate an area for versatile workout clothes that can handle anything from HIIT to spinning, proving once and for all that you can have it all.

Sorting by Season

Warm Weather

Organize your workout clothes by season to make dressing for the weather a breeze. Warm-weather wear and workout clothing should include lightweight, breathable fabrics to keep you cool during those hot, sweaty workouts.

Cold Weather

For colder months, have a selection of insulated, moisture-wicking, and layer-friendly clothes at the ready. Trust me; you’ll thank yourself when the temperature drops.

Storage Solutions for Workout Clothes

Closet Organization


Upgrade your hanger game with slim, non-slip hangers to maximize your hanging space, and keep your clothes in pristine condition. Pro tip: use a different color hanger for similar items in each category, making it easy to spot what you need in a flash.

Shelf Dividers

Keep your closet shelves and closets neat and tidy with shelf dividers. It’s like building walls around your tiny house or workout wear city, keeping everything in its rightful place.

Hanging Organizers

Maximize vertical space with hanging closet organizers. They’re perfect for storing leggings, shorts, underwear, and even sports bras, turning half your closet space into a sleek, functional masterpiece.

Drawer Organization

Drawer Dividers and organizers

Bring order to the chaos of deep drawers with drawer dividers. These handy tools and tips will make your drawers look like they’ve just stepped off the pages of a home organization magazine.

These are the ones I used for my drawer – they are quite shallow to fit my small drawer size. But you can find them in all sizes on Amazon, like these.

organizing bins I got from Amazon.

Folding Techniques

Embrace the art of folding! Try methods like the KonMari or file folding techniques to make your clothes easily visible and accessible. Say goodbye to those days you spent rummaging through a jumbled mess.

Additional Storage Solutions

Storage Bins

For extra storage room, invest in some shelf space and some stylish storage bins. These versatile containers can hold anything from socks to clothing to yoga mats, all while keeping your space looking polished.

Under-Bed Storage

Make use of underutilized space with under-bed storage solutions. It’s like having a secret workout wardrobe hideaway that no one knows about – except you.

Wall Hooks and Racks

Finally, consider wall hooks and racks to display your most worn and most-used favorite workout gear and other clothes.

Tips for Keeping Your Workout Wardrobe Fresh

Regularly Assessing Your Collection

As with all things in life, change is inevitable. Make it a habit to regularly assess your workout wardrobe to keep it in tip-top shape. Schedule a seasonal decluttering session to ensure you’re always ready to tackle your fitness goals in style. After all, an organized workout wardrobe is like a well-oiled machine, and you’re the master mechanic.

I’ve decided to do mine every spring!

Incorporating New Pieces and Trends

Staying on top of fitness fashion trends can be a workout in itself. But fear not; you don’t have to be a slave to the ever-changing whims of fashion. Instead, focus on incorporating a few new pieces that excite and inspire you.

Experiment with fun colors, patterns, or innovative fabrics that enhance your workout experience. Remember, looking good while breaking a sweat is the ultimate power move. My day-to-day wardrobe is fairly neutral, but I love experimenting with bright colors and patterns with my workout gear!

Mindful Shopping Habits

This is as much a note to myself as it is to you: adopt mindful shopping habits to keep your workout wardrobe organized and fresh. Resist the urge to buy impulsively, and instead, focus on purchasing pieces that fill a gap in your collection or replace a well-loved item.

Quality over quantity is the name of the game here. So, take your time, do your research, and remember, the best workout wardrobe is one that reflects your personal style and supports your fitness journey.


In a world where workout wardrobes can quickly spiral into chaos, you, dear reader, have embarked on a noble quest to bring order to your fitness attire. You’ve assessed and decluttered your collection, categorized your fitness clothes drawer by type, activity, and season, and implemented storage solutions that would make Marie Kondo proud.

Plus, you’ve learned the art of keeping your wardrobe fresh with regular assessments, embracing new trends, and adopting mindful shopping habits. Now, as you stand on the precipice of workout wardrobe greatness, take a moment to bask in your organizational prowess.

Go forth, conquer your fitness goals, and let your well-organized workout fitness clothes drawer be a testament to the unstoppable force you truly are!

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FAQ: Organizing Your Workout Clothes

How often should I reassess and reorganize my workout wardrobe?

ideally, you should reassess and reorganize your activewear and workout wardrobe every season, or at least twice a year. This will ensure that you always have the appropriate clothes ready for your workouts and will help you stay on top of any items that need replacing.

Can I use the same organizing techniques for my regular wardrobe?

Absolutely! The organizing techniques discussed in the article can be easily applied to your regular wardrobe as well. Feel free to adapt and modify them to suit your specific needs and preferences.

What should I do with my old workout clothes that are still in good condition but no longer fit my style or needs?

Consider donating them to a local charity or organization that accepts gently used clothing. Many people can benefit from your pre-loved workout gear, and you’ll be helping the environment by giving these items a new lease on life.

How do I deal with the odor that can sometimes linger on workout clothes, even after washing?

To combat lingering odors, try adding a cup of white vinegar or a few drops of tea tree oil to your washing machine during the rinse cycle. Additionally, make sure to hang your workout clothes to dry in a well-ventilated area or outside, if possible.

I have limited space in my home. Are there any alternative storage solutions for workout clothes that don’t require a closet or drawers?

If you’re tight on space, consider using a hanging garment rack, an over-the-door organizer, or even repurposing a bookshelf for your workout clothes. Get creative and find a solution that works best for your space and lifestyle.

How can I prevent my exercise clothes from losing their shape or elasticity over time?

To prolong the life of your workout clothes, follow the care instructions on the label, and avoid using high heat when washing and drying. Opt for air drying whenever possible, and consider using a laundry bag for delicate or smaller items like sports bras or leggings to prevent damage during the wash cycle.

I have a mix of high-quality and budget-friendly workout clothes. How can I ensure that my entire wardrobe remains organized and functional?

Regardless of the price point, treat all your workout clothes with the same level of care and attention. Keep them organized using the techniques discussed in the article, and remember to regularly assess your collection to ensure that each piece is still serving your fitness needs effectively.

Corrie Alexander is a former ISSA-certified personal trainer, home fitness advocate, and founder of The Fit Careerist. A proponent of personal growth and a self-proclaimed fitness app-junkie, Corrie shares tips and product reviews with the goal of helping others on their own fitness journey.

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