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Serial Starter Fix - $109   $16.99

28 Doable Days to Better Fitness

  • Printable PDF workout guide with warmup, cool-down, and 13 different workouts
  • Exercise Tutorial section
  • Printable program calendar 
  • Weekly motivation blast emails

Figure Out Your Fitness - $99 $12.99

Align your mindset, goals, and actions

  • 10 printables for planning and tracking your fitness journey
  • 9-lesson mini-course designed to help you align your mindset, plan effective goals, and make the most of your printables

The Fit Careerist Bundle - $208 $24.99

(Best Value!)

Get the whole package with Figure Out Your Fitness and Serial Starter Fix

  • Save when you purchase Serial Starter Fix and Figure Out Your Fitness together in this bundle!

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