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Six Seconds.

That’s the average length of time a recruiter looks at a resume before deciding if it makes the shortlist or the shredder. It sounds brutal, but given that employers are bombarded with over 75 resumes on average for every new position, they have no time to waste when it comes to sorting and vetting resumes.

Can your C.V. pass the six second test?

If you’ve been hitting the pavement looking for work, but not getting any calls back, your C.V. could be the problem. The good news? I can help! Whether you’re just looking for a few tweaks or want to start from scratch, I can help you create a resume that stands out from the rest!

4 reasons I will rock your resume

  1. Having worked as a manager in a corporate environment, I’ve done my fair share of hiring employees. As a result, I’ve looked at a ton of resumes. I know first hand what stands out and makes the desired impression.
  2. I’ll select the most effective layout for your resume based on the role you’re applying for and how much experience you have. Whether you’re having trouble with too much “white space” or keeping your C.V. from becoming a novel, I’ll make the most of the page’s real estate with the layout.
  3. I’ll give your resume an appropriate design. Based on the industry you’re applying for, I can customize it to be more corporate, or more creative.
  4. The wording of a resume is the most critical component of all! I know how to use effective, professional language. Your resume will shout, “I’m your next superstar!” instead of, “I’m looking for a job, plz hire me k thx.”


Pricing varies depending on exactly what services you’re looking for:

New layout / design for existing resume (no changes to wording) –  $40 USD

Rewording/rewriting existing resume (no changes to layout/design) –  $50 USD

New layout/design and rewording/rewriting existing resume – $75 USD

Creating a new resume from scratch – $100 USD

Turn around time: 1-2 weeks (expedited service available)

How it Works

Contact me for a free consultation. I will send you a questionnaire about the kind of role your applying for and what services you’re looking for. I’ll ask you to send your existing resume if you have one. If starting from scratch, I will send you form to fill out with your work experience, education, and other information. I will also send you a contract that reviews the service. If you decide to proceed, a 50% payment is required prior to the work commencing. This payment is non refundable.

I will send you a draft and you can send back for revisions up to two times (unless it’s a typo on my end, which I obviously won’t count as a revision!) Additional revisions are subject to an added surcharge.

Once you’re satisfied, the remaining 50% of the payment will be due, and I will send you the finished product in PDF form.

And boom! You’ve got yourself a sharp resume that will help you get the foot in the door with the employer of your dreams!


Let's Do This!