Whether your goal is to learn new skills to build a business or find the right products to grow it, here are some resources that I use and highly recommend.



I’ve used other web hosting companies and this is by far the best one I’ve used. Super simple set up and they are dedicated to, which is my favourite software for creating websites.

It’s ideal if you plan on doing a lot of blogging! They also offer a pretty great discount to first time subscribers.  Not only that, their online support is easy, fast, and – most importantly – helpful!


30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success 

Two years ago, I was interested in starting a side business as a freelance writer but had NO IDEA where to start. This course, by Gina Horkey, leads you step by actionable step through the process of building your freelance writing side business from scratch. It covers everything from finding your niche, to sourcing and pitching potential clients. I landed my first paying client within 30 days of finishing the course and have maintained a steady roster of clients ever since!


30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success

30 Days to Virtual Assistant Success

The demand for Virtual Assistants has risen so much in the past couple years that I simply had to join in on this party! This second course by the incomparable Gina Horkey will

prepare you for launching your own Virtual Assistant business and starts you off with the basics (“What the heck is a VA and what do they actually do?”) and finishes with skill deep dives to prime you for for success! If you’ve been trying to figure out how to use your many skills to make a legitimate living from home, look no further than this course!


Pinteresting Strategies

Pinterest is one of the hottest social media tools out there right now if you know how to use it. Which I didn’t, until I read this book! Carly’s no-fluff guide is loaded with actionable tips on how to pin like you mean it, and drive traffic to your site! The best part? Anyone can implement these strategies with no paid memberships to Tailwind required! I started using these strategies and started seeing results within a couple of weeks, and I expect it will only get better as I continue to pin! Plus the book is a steal compared to many expensive courses out there!



Trello is one of my favourite productivity tools out there. Even better, it’s totally free to use! Whether you’re planning out a schedule or brain-mapping your ideas, Trello’s got you covered. You can link to files, create checklists, add due dates, and more. It’s a very intuitive platform and I figured out how to use it in less than five minutes without any sort of tutorial.