• Why I don't follow a strict diet - and what I do instead!
    Fitness Tips

    Why I Don’t Follow a Strict Diet (And What I Do Instead)

    You’re not going to see a lot of posts from me about diet and healthy food. Don’t get me wrong, I think a healthy diet is really important. But here’s the problem: my healthy diet might not look like your healthy diet. I truly don’t believe there is an ultimate, one-size-fits-all diet. That’s because we all have our unique likes,…

  • Home fitness gear
    Home Gym Guides

    The Ultimate List of At-Home Gym Essentials

    A few weeks ago, we talked about how you don’t need a gym membership or a paid fitness program to get fit – you achieve fitness entirely on your own, in the comfort of your home. Aside from the cost savings, working out at home has other benefits. There’s more privacy, less commuting time, and you can blast whatever music…

  • Motivation for fitness is about mindset than exercise or diet.
    Fitness Tips

    Why Motivation for Fitness Starts with Mindset

    I had no motivation for fitness in my younger years, but I had been blessed with a relatively high metabolism back then. It was something a shock when the weight started to creep on in my mid-twenties.  It started innocently enough. A couple of pounds gained over the holidays. A size up in pants each time I went shopping. But…

  • Freelance writing from home is one of the easiest, smartest ways to make money from home.

    Why You Should Focus on Freelance Writing Instead of Blogging

    In today’s economy, I believe having a successful career should also include an alternate source of income. It appears I am not alone in this opinion; To date, there are more than 44 million side-hustles in the U.S. The reasons behind this aren’t tough to figure out. The working world has changed drastically in the past twenty years, and true…

  • Having an early morning routine can help you achieve career success.
    Personal Growth,  Productivity

    How an Early Morning Routine Can Lead to Success

    I confess, I’ve become the type of person I used to be secretly annoyed with. I’ve become a morning person. In fact, the morning is now my favorite time of day. (Albeit, more so on weekends!) I’m not going to lie. My obsession with coffee likely plays a significant role in my willingness to be a morning lark. But while…

  • Top 3 career mistakes to avoid

    The Top 3 Career Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

    Your “career path” can seem like this mystical, esoteric thing. After all, there’s no tried and true guidebook that dictates a clear “career path” for anybody. No matter what the industry, there will always be some variation as to how you will get to where you’re going. No, it’s less of a path and more a labyrinth. Except instead of…

  • How to work out during the week
    Fitness Tips

    7 Tips for Working a Fitness Routine into Your Busy Week

    Before I had a solid fitness routine in place, I was a textbook “weekend warrior”. On Saturday and Sunday, I’d go for really long runs, or hit the gym hard. But then Monday through Friday, my only exercise consisted of walking from my car to my desk at 8 am, and from my desk to my car at 5 pm.…

  • How to keep growing professionally without changing jobs

    How to Keep Growing Professionally Without Changing Jobs

    Everyone’s career path is different, but each one contains a series of stepping stones. Within the past couple decades, changing roles every few years has become the norm. It’s the way we build up our experiences, skills, networks, and compensation. But sometimes, you may feel ready to move on to the next step a lot sooner than what is realistic.…