• Side hustle income report

    Side-Hustle Income Report: Q1 2019

    This first quarter went by FAST! But what a quarter it was! I’ve made what I consider to be great strides in my little biz and I’m excited to share them with you. To recap, I decided to start sharing quarterly income reports for 2019 for two main reasons: To keep me accountable To inspire others that are interested in…

  • Productivity Hack Ideas 101
    Freelancing,  Productivity

    Side-Hustle Productivity 101: Simple Ways to Get More Done in Your Side-Biz

    It’s easy to get excited about starting a service-based side-business.  After all, who doesn’t love the idea of extra income? But finding your first customers can be tough. It starts getting even trickier when you actually start landing clients; now you need to deliver on the high-quality service that you promised! So now you need to balance finding clients and…

  • Organized desk
    Personal Growth,  Productivity

    6 Awesome Uses for Trello to Organize Your Life

    If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I love finding new uses for Trello. I have no association with Trello whatsoever (aside from getting a free month of Gold membership every time someone signs up through my referral link). But I declare my love of Trello so often, you’d think I work in their marketing…

  • The Exercise-Hater's Guide to Fitness Motivation - an in-depth, totally free guide to stop hating exercise enough to get results!
    Fitness Tips,  Health & Wellness

    The Exercise-Hater’s Ultimate Guide to Fitness Motivation

    Introduction Over the past several months, I’ve posted a lot about exercise motivation and forming positive healthy habits. But it occurred to me that there are a lot of moving parts to forming a healthy lifestyle, and maybe you might want something a little more in-depth to help you put it all together. So I’ve written this comprehensive (and slightly…

  • How to design pins with Canva.- woman graphic designer

    How to Create Pins for Pinterest Using Canva

    As a freelancer, blogger, or small business owner, Pinterest can be an invaluable resource for getting traffic to your website. Having a solid pinning strategy is key to making the most of this platform. But a good strategy is only as good as the pins you make! That’s why today, we’re going to look at how to create pins using Canva.  …

  • Resume Tips to make your dream company's shortlist pile.

    11 Resume Tips to Keep Your Application From Getting Passed Over

    I know resume tips aren’t that exciting, but lets talk about it anyway. Because although few people enjoy writing resumes, no one enjoys reading them either. I sure didn’t, back when I used to vet and hire candidates. Hiring managers typically sort through hundreds of resumes per position. It’s overwhelming to say the least. To carefully peruse each one is…

  • Side-Hustle Income Report for Q4 2018

    Side-Hustle Income Report: Q4 2018

    2018 has been a pretty intense year for me, in more ways than one. There’s been some pretty big ups and downs, and a lot to reflect on. But I’m also looking forward to starting the new year and hopefully making it the best yet! As 2018 winds down, I decided to compile my first-ever side-hustle income report and put…

  • Why every business needs pin strategy

    Why Every Small Business Needs a Pinterest Marketing Strategy

    In the past six months, I’ve become obsessed with Pinterest. Although I’ve loved using Pinterest for much longer than that! So let me rephrase that: In the past six months, I’ve become obsessed with using a Pinterest marketing strategy. Why? Because using one has increased my web traffic by 500% in the past three months. Regardless of whether you’re a freelancer…

  • The case for low intensity exercise
    Fitness Tips

    Low-Intensity Exercise: How to Tone Up by Toning it Down

    Low-intensity exercise tends to get overshadowed by the high-intensity variety, such as HIIT. (High-intensity interval training.) It’s not hard to see why; we live in the society where everyone is eternally crunched for time. Anything that promises the best results in the least amount of time is going to win over a lot of people. ** My blog posts contain…