• Wordpress blog

    A Quick, Easy Guide to Building a Professional Website and Blog

    I had been interested in starting a blog and freelance writing side-business for years. But the one thing that held me back was the idea of actually creating and launching my own website. Nothing deflated my entrepreneurial balloon like the prospect of building my own site from scratch. For us non-techy types, website-building seems like this mystical skill that only…

  • Bodyboss for the win!

    The Bodyboss Method: HIIT for Your Busy Lifestyle – Review

    Prior to this past fall, the only kind of exercise routine I could stick to was running and yoga. They are both fantastic forms of exercise that helped me lose weight (almost 15 pounds!) and vastly improved my life in different ways. But they fall short in the body re-composition department. In a recent post, I talked about the magic…

  • Reasons start a side-biz and work from home!

    Six Compelling Reasons to Start an Online Side-Biz

    (Even if you have a Busy Full-time job!) If you’re a career-focused individual, finding time to do pretty much any extracurricular activity can seem impossible. Yet, making the effort to launch your own side-hustle has some serious benefits. Last year I made an extra $3000 just from freelance writing for a couple hours on the weekends. That’s on top of…

  • Why HIIT is the perfect exercise for the busy nine-to-fiver!

    HIIT Benefits Make for the Holy Grail of Exercise

    For many of us, Monday to Friday is a carefully-scheduled, often hectically-executed rotation between work and familial responsibilities.  And let’s be honest: some of us are downright time-poor. Attempting to interject exercise into this routine chaos can seem completely impossible. After all, even if you are able to find 20 minutes here and there to hit the treadmill, is it…

  • skills to pay the bills

    4 Hard-Hitting Soft Skills for Career Success

    Social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are leading the way in how employers approach the task of hiring new talent for their organization. While degrees definitely still matter, they aren’t the be-all-end-all of your earning potential. More and more employers are looking less at your education and more at your character and mettle. In the words of Portfolium founder…

  • Questions to ask yourself before accepting the offer.

    Job Offer Jitters? What to Ask Yourself Before Accepting the Offer

    When you finally land a job offer, the initial feeling is often one of exhilaration. After all, you chased down this company, landed an interview, and then clearly managed to impress them. Now it just comes down to accepting the offer.  But you may find your elation is closely followed by an unsettling feeling of hesitation. So what gives? The…