• You might make a better leader than you think!
    Career,  Personal Growth

    7 Signs You Will Be an Effective Leader

    What are the signs of a good leader, and how the heck are you supposed to become one? It’s not like there was a “Leadership 101” course in high school. Speaking of school, remember what a shock it was when you graduated? Up to that point, you’d been learning English, math, science, and history for most of your life. You…

  • Q4 Income Report

    Freelance Journey in Review & Q4 2019 Side-Hustle Income Report

    Every year seems to go by faster than the last, and 2019 was no exception. I feel like I blinked twice and now 2020 is here!  Since we’re entering a new decade, it seemed like a natural time to reflect on the past few years. It’s been a decade of change. Some changes were really positive while others were difficult. …

  • Best Gifts for Freelance Writers

    The Best Gifts for Freelance Writers 

    As the holidays approach with dizzying speed, are you scratching your head wondering what the heck kind of gift to get that nerdy freelancer in your life?  Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ve put together a list of the best gifts for freelance writers, with ideas for any budget.  How do I know these are the best gifts for…

  • Q3 Side Hustle Income report: Desk flat lay with computer, plants, and phone, and headphones.

    Q3 Side-Hustle Income Report

    Leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and Q4 of 2019 is here already. I’m really excited to share my Q3 side-hustle income report with you because although I fell short on a few (read: all) of my goals, I still made a lot of exciting progress! To recap, I’ve been sharing income reports for revenue generated by my online side-hustles…

  • How to Actually Follow Through on Goals
    Personal Growth

    How to Actually Follow Through with Long-Term Goals

    I know all too well what it’s like to start the day off with the best intentions only to flake faster than a day-old croissant.  Because let’s face it, knowing how to actually follow through on goals is hard. Especially the long-term ones. And there always seems to be some external factor at play that prevents you from following through. …