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10 Best Yoga Mats for Carpet: Top Stability Picks for 2023!

They say that life is a balancing act, and for many yogis, nowhere is this more evident than in trying to maintain a graceful downward facing dog on a high-pile carpet. Although most yogis prefer to perform yoga poses on cork or hardwood floors, sometimes it’s just not an option when you’re practicing from home.

Using my Umineux mat on carpet for a morning yoga sesh.

Yoga on carpet can feel like your asanas have been set to hard mode, your balance skewed by the squishiness underfoot. While some yogis are opting to turn their living rooms into a veritable Surya Namaskar Shangri-La, the rest of us are striving to achieve zen amidst coffee tables and comfy couches; adaptability is indeed the name of the game.

But before you resign yourself to a life of sinking savasanas, I’ve compiled this list of the best yoga mats for carpet use – two of which I have personally used. The rest are carefully researched.

From mats that offer increased grip to those that provide much-needed stability, I’ve got your carpet-based practice covered! With any luck, you’ll find the perfect mat here to help turn your carpet yoga class into a cozy but stable practice!

Let’s dive into the top picks and help you find the perfect yoga mat for carpet. (Or if you want a list of the best mats overall, check out that review instead!)

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Overview of My Top 3 Picks

Gorilla Mat

Manduka Pro Mat

Umineux Mat

The 10 Best Yoga Mats for Carpet

1. Gorilla Exercise Mat

My first pick for almost any mat-required scenario, the Gorilla Mat is an extra spacious, extra-thick, and ultra-comfortable exercise mat that offers a non-slip surface and premium quality for a superior yoga experience, even on carpeted floors!


  • Extra-large size covers more carpet space

  • Non-slip surface for stability

  • Extra-thick padding for joint protection

  • High-quality, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials

  • Comes with a microfiber towel, bag, and two carrying straps


  • May be too and heavy large for small spaces

  • Higher price point compared to standard yoga mats

I’ve owned this one for about two years, and it is an excellent mat for both yoga and other types of workouts. The Gorilla Yoga Mat’s extra-large size (7′ x 5′) provides ample space for any yoga pose, meditation, or stretching routine, while its 8mm high-density padding offers excellent cushioning to protect your knees and joints.

The mat’s non-slip surface ensures stability during your practice, and it’s crafted from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, making it a safe choice for your health and the environment.

Its extra-large size and high-density padding provide a comfortable and spacious surface for The mat is also eco-friendly and non-toxic, reflecting the company’s commitment to health and environmental sustainability. Plus I love the included microfiber towel, storage bag, and velcro straps that add convenience and value to the purchase!

It is worth noting that the Gorilla Yoga Mat does have a few drawbacks; its large size, while great for covering a large carpeted area, may not fit well in smaller spaces.

It’s also super heavy, so won’t be good for lugging to and from a hot yoga class. The mat’s higher price point may also be a deterrent for some, especially those new to yoga who may not want to invest heavily in a mat right away.

It’s also not the “stickiest” mat in terms of holding down-dog when you’re super sweaty.

2. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

You can’t go wrong with a Manduka PRO Yoga Mat; it’s a professional-grade, ultra-supportive mat suitable for serious yogis, Pilates enthusiasts, and carpet-bound asanas!


  • Professional quality and ultra-supportive, ideal for serious yoga practitioners.

  • High-performance mat with comfortable medium thickness for stability and joint protection.

  • Quality material, meticulously crafted from PVC that is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.

  • Easy to maintain and clean with closed-cell technology material that wicks sweat and moisture.

  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty when sold and shipped by Amazon.


  • The mat is quite heavy, which might make it less portable for some users.

  • Some users reported that the mat can be slippery when wet

  • Pricier compared to some other mats on this list.

The Manduka PRO Yoga Mat is a high-quality, professional-grade mat designed for serious yoga practitioners, Pilates enthusiasts, and fitness aficionados. It offers a comfortable medium thickness for stability and joint protection and is made from PVC that has been certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. The mat is easy to clean, thanks to its closed-cell technology material that wicks sweat and moisture.

It is ultra-supportive with a thickness of 6mm, providing stability and joint protection. The PVC mat is made in an emissions-free facility.

It is also easy to maintain and clean, thanks to its closed-cell technology material that wicks sweat and moisture. The mat comes in a standard size of 71″ x 26″, and each mat is handmade, so sizes may vary slightly. It is offered with a Lifetime Warranty when sold and shipped by Amazon.

However, the mat is quite heavy, which might make it less portable for some users. Some users have reported that the mat’s material can be a little slippery when wet, so you might need a towel for improved grip.

If you want to save a few bucks, you can consider getting the ProLite version. It’s a bit more lightweight but I have one, and it works well enough on low-pile carpet.

3. Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat Blue

An affordable yoga mat, the Amazon Basics mat provides great cushioning on a budget.


  • Extra thick 1/2-inch cushioning for optimal comfort

  • Textured surface for extra traction and stability

  • Elastic strap for convenient storage and carrying


  • May not be suitable for advanced practice requiring more balance

  • Might have a noticeable smell when new

  • Takes a bit of time to flatten completely after unrolling

  • Best for low-pile carpet

The Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat is perfect for those who need maximum comfort and support during their yoga practice.

The extra-thick cushioning of this mat provides ample padding, ensuring that your joints are protected during your workout sessions, especially if you have sensitive knees. Moreover, the textured surface of the mat ensures a stable grip, allowing you to focus on your poses and movements without worrying about slipping.

One of the best things about this mat is its portability. The elastic strap makes it easy to roll up securely and carry it on your shoulder, so you can take it with you to your local yoga studio. Made of 100% NBR foam, this mat is both durable and lightweight, ensuring long-lasting performance.

A few potential drawbacks of the Amazon Basics Extra Thick Yoga Mat include a noticeable smell when it’s brand new, which should fade over time.

Additionally, the mat might take some time to lay completely flat after unrolling, but this issue is temporary and will resolve with continued use.

While this mat provides excellent cushioning for beginners to intermediate practitioners, more advanced yogis who require a thinner mat for improved balance might find it too thick, especially in conjunction with a carpet. Therefore, I would only use this on a low-pile carpet.

4. QMKGEC Yoga Mat 1/3 inch 8mm TPE

This QMKGEC yoga mat is a great choice for those seeking comfort and performance on carpets with its thick, eco-friendly design and durable material.


  • Environmentally-friendly TPE material

  • 8mm thickness for joint and knee protection

  • Slip-resistant and double-layer tear resistance


  • Might not be as durable as others

  • Potential for dents and damage

  • Some users may experience unwanted mat movement

The QMKGEC yoga mat is made from high-quality and environmentally-friendly TPE material, providing flexibility and durability without the strong residual odor found in some other yoga mats. With its 8mm thickness, this mat is perfect for beginners as it offers ample cushioning and joint protection while still allowing for a solid grip on the floor. This extra thickness also makes the mat suitable for other uses such as outdoor activities, indoor resting, and travel with its lightweight design.

Thanks to its double-sided adhesive non-slip texture, the mat offers excellent traction and grip necessary for various yoga styles, making it suitable for use on different types of surfaces such as wooden floors, tile floors, and cement floors. The slip-resistant design ensures safety and a steady yoga practice for users of all experience levels.

However, some users have reported durability issues with the mat, including dents and potential damage from just opening the package. Additionally, a few individuals experienced the mat moving while practicing, which may be a concern to some. Despite these drawbacks, the QMKGEC yoga mat remains a popular choice among yoga enthusiasts, primarily because of its environmentally friendly material, thickness, and slip-resistant design.

5. UMINEUX Yoga Mat with Non Slip Surface

The UMINEUX Yoga Mat is an eco-friendly and comfortable option for those who need a non-slip mat suitable for use on carpets.


  • Eco-friendly TPE material, lightweight, and skin-friendly

  • Double-sided non-slip surfaces for better traction

  • Optimum thickness (1/4 inch) for comfort and support


  • Includes a carry strap and storage bag, but the bag might be difficult to use

  • Not suited for use with shoes or pet interaction, as it may tear

  • Doesn’t have a grippy surface when sweaty

The UMINEUX Yoga Mat comes with an anti-tear design and an optimum thickness of 1/4 inch, which provides a comfortable and supportive experience for individuals of all fitness levels. It is specifically designed for use on carpets, ensuring users have a stable and consistent surface for yoga or Pilates.

This is a fairly inexpensive mat that I’ve been using for the past couple of months in my office. It’s really lightweight and I can roll it out and strike a pose (or seven) when I have a few minutes during the day.

For the purposes of this review, I tried it out on carpet, and it performs pretty well. I wouldn’t use it for particularly tricky arm balances or anything, but it’s perfect for your standard yoga flow.

Made of eco-friendly TPE material, this mat is free from PVC and harmful chemicals, making it a great choice if you want a greener alternative to traditional yoga mats. Moreover, it is lightweight and skin-friendly, ensuring a satisfying and irritation-free experience.

However, I do notice it becomes slippery if my hands get sweaty. I’ve recently picked up some yoga paws to help with that.

6. Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Print

The Gaiam Yoga Mat is a top choice for those seeking an extra-thick, non-slip mat perfect for all types of floor workouts.


  • Extra-thick 6mm cushioning for joint protection

  • Non-slip textured surface for superior grip

  • Eco-friendly, free of harmful phthalates


  • May release an odor at first

  • May not be great for outdoors due to sun exposure causing brittleness

  • Slightly narrower and shorter compared to some other mats

The Gaiam Yoga Mat offers an impressive 6mm thickness, providing ample cushioning to protect joints during various exercises. This extra cushioning is particularly beneficial for yoga or pilates on carpeted surfaces, as it promotes proper alignment and helps to maintain poses.

Designed with a sticky, non-slip surface, this mat ensures excellent traction and grip during your practice. Its stylish design not only adds an aesthetically pleasing element to your workout but also keeps you motivated and focused throughout your routine.

This eco-friendly mat is free of the top six most harmful phthalates, making it a healthier option for both you and the planet. However, when first unwrapping the mat, you might notice a mild plastic scent, which will dissipate after airing it out for 2-3 days. As a bonus, the purchase of a Gaiam Yoga Mat includes a free downloadable yoga workout.

7. BalanceFrom All Purpose Yoga Mat

A reliable and comfortable yoga mat for carpet use, the BalanceFrom Mat is suitable for various exercise styles.


  • Excellent non-slip traction

  • Moisture-resistant and easy to clean

  • Includes a free carrying strap


  • May be too thin for some

  • Possible initial odor

  • Durability concerns for heavy use

The BalanceFrom All Purpose 1/4-Inch High-Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat offers an excellent grip and non-slip traction, making it a great option for practicing on carpeted surfaces. Its double-sided non-slip surfaces enhance your grip and help prevent injuries during your workout.

Moisture-resistant tech makes it a cinch to clean with soap and water, ensuring a hygienic surface each time you exercise. The lightweight design and included carrying strap also make it easy to move and store.

Some users might find the 1/4-inch thickness not sufficient for their needs, especially if they require more cushioning for sensitive joints or advanced poses. There may also be an initial odor, which should dissipate after airing it out.

Also, a few customers have reported durability concerns after frequent and long-term use. Overall, the BalanceFrom All Purpose Yoga Mat is a practical and affordable option for practicing yoga on carpets, but those seeking more cushioning or concerned about its durability might consider other alternatives.

8. Ewedoos Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

The Ewedoos Eco Friendly Yoga Mat is an excellent environmentally conscious, non-slip option with helpful alignment lines.


  • Made from eco-friendly TPE material

  • Body alignment system for proper positioning

  • Grippy, non-slip surface on both sides


  • Might feel thin for some users

  • Not suitable for intense hot sessions

  • Alignment lines may not be ideal for all users’ preferences

The Ewedoos Eco Friendly Yoga Mat is designed with innovative TPE materials, which provides superior durability and flexibility over traditional yoga mats. This eco-friendly mat is perfect for those who want to partake in yoga without harming the environment. Its body alignment system helps users maintain proper positioning during their practice, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced yogis.

One of the best features of this mat is its double-sided non-slip surfaces. The wavy bottom side grips the floor, while the textured top keeps hands and feet from slipping during poses. This means that you can confidently transition from one pose to another without the fear of losing your footing.

Some user report that the mat feels a bit thin, especially if you have sensitive joints or knees. In such cases, additional cushioning might be necessary. Moreover, the Ewedoos mat might not be suitable for intense hot yoga sessions or sweaty practices, as the TPE material might not withstand excessive heat or sweat. Lastly, while the alignment lines can be helpful for many, some users may not prefer them as they can be distracting or unnecessary for their practice.

(If you need mats for sweaty yoga sessions, check out my yoga mat buying guide for sweaty hands.)

9. Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat

The Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat is a fantastic option for those needing extra cushioning on carpets and hard floors due to its ideal thickness and non-slip texture.


  • Extra-thick (1/4 Inch) for joint cushioning

  • Textured non-slip surface for superior grip

  • Includes carrying sling/strap


  • May have an initial odor

  • Not made from eco-friendly materials

  • Might be less suitable for tall yogis

The Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat, with its 1/4 Inch thickness, provides ample cushioning for your joints during various yoga practices or fitness routines. This is especially beneficial when practicing yoga on carpeted floors, where it can sometimes be challenging to find stability. The mat measures 72 inches long and 24 inches wide, which can accommodate most people, although taller individuals might prefer a longer mat.

A significant feature of this mat is its sticky, non-slip texture, ensuring excellent traction and superior grip during any type of yoga, including heated sessions and hot yoga. The PVC material is non-toxic and 6P free, contributing to a healthier choice for users and the environment. However, it may emit a slight odor when first unrolled, but it usually dissipates after airing out for a couple of days.

In addition to its performance-enhancing features, the Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat also comes with a convenient carrying sling/strap for easy transportation from one location to another. While not made from eco-friendly or natural materials, this mat is ultimately an excellent choice for individuals looking for additional cushioning and grip when practicing yoga on carpets.

10. LifeBoard – Portable Floor for Yoga and More

While not a yoga mat per se, the LifeBoard is an excellent solution for those seeking a stable, portable surface for practicing yoga on carpets – or outdoors!


  • Provides a rigid platform for yoga on soft surfaces

  • Lightweight and portable design

  • Environmentally friendly, made of recyclable materials


  • Not suitable for use or storage in direct sunlight

  • Yoga mat not included

The LifeBoard is designed to enhance your yoga, Pilates, or ballet barre exercises at home on carpet or outdoors on almost any surface. Its firm, rigid platform offers the support needed for yoga on soft surfaces like carpet, and its non-skid top surface prevents your yoga mat from slipping.

Weighing approximately 17 lbs total, the LifeBoard is relatively lightweight, easy to carry and store. Its patent-pending interlocking tabs keep the two panels secure without separating vertically or horizontally. Made of 50% recycled high-density polyethylene and shipped in 100% recycled boxes, the Lifeboard is also an eco-friendly choice. (Always a plus in my books!)

However, the LifeBoard should not be used or stored in direct sunlight, which might limit its outdoor usage in some situations. Additionally, the LifeBoard is slightly larger than a standard yoga mat, and while this provides extra stability, it might require a bit more space. Lastly, a yoga mat is not included with the purchase, so you will need to use your own.

Buying Guide

When embarking on the quest for the perfect yoga mat to grace your carpet, there are a few key factors to consider. This isn’t just about buying a yoga mat for carpet though; it’s about finding a faithful companion for your yoga journey. So, let’s dive in!


The fabric of your yoga life, quite literally, is the material of your mat. You’ve got options aplenty: PVC, TPE, natural rubber, and the eco-warriors of the yoga mat world – cork and jute. PVC and TPE are the featherweights of the group, offering a solid grip without weighing you down.

A natural rubber mat, on the other hand, is usually better for sweaty yoga sessions, providing more traction. If you’re a friend of Mother Earth, cork and jute are your go-tos. They might be a bit pricier, but hey, it’s worth it if it helps save the planet.


A yoga mat for carpet should be larger than the average yoga mat to provide extra stability and ensure it’s large enough to accommodate your body and the space you’ve allocated for your personal practice. Standard yoga mats work well are 24 inches wide and 68 inches long, but if you’re looking for a bit more real estate, there are larger options available.


It’s not just about the size of the mat, but also how thick it is. If you’re all about balance and stability, go for the lean, mean, thin mats (1/8 to 1/4-inch). But if you’re looking for a cloud-like experience, thicker mats (1/4 to 1/2-inch) are your fluffy friends. The type of yoga you practice and your personal comfort level will guide you to the perfect thickness.


The texture of your mat is like the secret sauce that keeps you from slipping and sliding on your carpet. Seek out mats with a non-slip surface or a texture that grips like a determined toddler. This will ensure you stay as stable as a mountain, even during the most challenging poses.

Clean Factor

Keeping your mat clean is as important as nailing that tricky pose, especially if you’re practicing on carpet, where lint, pet hair, and other undesirable debris are more likely to get transferred to your yoga mat.

Opt for a durable mat that doesn’t turn cleaning into a Herculean task. For example, I find some rubber mats are harder to clean with a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth, especially when they are textured. Just something to keep in mind when making your selection!


Finally, let’s talk about the elephant in the room with the more expensive yoga mats – price. Yoga mats come in a spectrum of prices, so find one that offers the features you need without causing your wallet to weep.

If you really need a mat on a budget, there are good inexpensive mats out there. But if you can afford it, it is worth investing in a high-quality mat that will last. Find a balance between quality and affordability.


Choosing the best yoga mat for carpet isn’t just about ticking boxes. It’s about considering your personal preferences and needs. Paying attention to these factors will ensure your yoga practice is as comfortable as a cat on a sunny windowsill and as successful as a squirrel finding its buried nuts. Here’s to keeping your body aligned while you practice yoga, whether it’s on a hard floor or cushy carpet!

Frequently Asked Questions

What mat thickness works well on carpeted floor?

A yoga mat with a thickness of 4 to 6mm usually works well on carpet. This is because it provides a balance of cushioning and stability. Thicker yoga mats, (more than 6mm) can be too cushiony and unstable on a soft carpet surface.

How to prevent slipping on carpet?

To prevent slipping on carpet, choose a non slip yoga mat with a sticky or textured surface. A nonslip backing or grip dots can also help keep the mat in place on the carpet. Using a yoga towel over the slip yoga mat itself can provide additional grip during sweaty sessions.

What is the best yoga mat for carpet that has good grip?

Mats with rubber or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) materials usually have good grip on carpet. These materials have a textured surface layer absorbs moisture well and are slip-resistant. Look for mats that have a nonslip backing or grip dots, which can further enhance dry grip and stability.

Are Manduka or Gaiam mats better for carpet?

Both Manduka and Gaiam offer mats with good grip and cushioning for practicing on carpet. Manduka mats tend to be thicker and denser, which can provide more cushion but may be less stable on soft carpet surfaces. Gaiam mats are often lighter and have textured surfaces, which can help prevent slipping. Ultimately, it depends on your personal preferences and budget.

Is Lululemon yoga mat suitable on carpet?

Lululemon yoga mats, such as The Reversible Mat, have a polyurethane surface that provides excellent grip, and cushioning suitable for practicing on carpet. However, they can be more expensive than other options, and I’ve never been a fan of the smell Lulu mats tend to have.

What mat works best for hot yoga on carpet?

For hot yoga on carpet, choose a mat with good grip, such as those made of rubber or TPE. Additionally, using a yoga towel on top of the hot yoga mat can help absorb sweat and provide extra traction. Make sure the mat has a nonslip backing or grip dots to keep it in place during intense sessions.

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