Reasons start a side-biz and work from home!

Six Compelling Reasons to Start an Online Side-Biz

(Even if you have a Busy Full-time job!)

If you’re a career-focused individual, finding time to do pretty much any extracurricular activity can seem impossible. Yet, making the effort to launch your own side-hustle has some serious benefits.

Last year I made an extra $3000 just from freelance writing for a couple hours on the weekends. That’s on top of working a minimum of 40 hours a week at my full-time job.

So as someone who wished they hadn’t waited so long to get started, I’d like to share six strong reasons why starting a side-hustle is worth your time and effort:

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Extra income

Let’s start with the obvious. More money is always good, right? But more than that, you’re diversifying your income. Have you ever heard that expression that it’s not wise to keep all your eggs in one basket? Having multiple streams of income can help protect you from the unexpected.

Because although we like to think we’re indispensable, the reality is that up to 1 in 10 people get laid off every year. Having extra income on the side – whether it’s a little or a lot – can make a big difference if something happens to your main source of income.

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Take advantage of the demand

With more business being conducted online than ever before, it’s never been a better time to become a webpreneur. Some examples of lucrative online side-businesses include (but by no means limited to):

In short, if it’s a valuable service you can complete for clients from the comfort of your home, it’s a viable business! I also know of many people who create products from home and sell them globally online. 

Expand your skills

Someone who’s really looking to reach their full potential should never stop learning and growing. And there’s no better way to branch out laterally than by starting your own side-biz.

Networking, marketing, sales, customer service, and resourcefulness are just a handful of skills you’ll develop while building your own online biz. These newly acquired skills may even benefit your current job. 

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Explore your interests

Chances are, if you’re committed to your day job, you’re probably pretty good at it. But just because you’re good at it doesn’t mean you’re passionate about it.

Or maybe you do enjoy your job but just feel like there’s something else out there for you. Starting your own side-biz provides you with a clean slate to pursue something you’re actually interested in without having to quit your job or make a drastic change to your day-to-day routine.

Grow at your own pace

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your new business. Only have five hours a week to work on your side-biz? Totally okay. However,  I would recommend that you schedule the time to work on your business to make sure that it happens and that it doesn’t turn into “just a hobby”.

But perseverance is the key to success, and there are many people out there – myself included – who have launched a successful side-hustle by committing just a few hours a week.

Fair warning though: Once you really get going with your side-biz, you may find yourself wanting to devote a lot more time towards it!

Build something that’s yours

Although it’s scary and overwhelming to build your own side business from scratch, it’s also really exciting! And the confidence you gain from making money on your own steam will make you feel like you can accomplish just about anything. (And here’s a secret: that’s because you can!)

See where it takes you

Your side hustle may result in a nice little chunk of income to pad out your bank account. Or, your side-hustle might grow to the point where you decide to go full time with it.

If you’re passionate enough about it and do the work, you could be your own boss working your own hours, growing the business that you created! And because it’s online, you can work from home, on the road, or virtually anywhere!

How to Start a Side-Biz?

6 Reasons to Start a Side-Hustle

Your side-hustle can be virtually anything you want it to be. Choose something (or a few things) that interest you and go for it!

The first step is to get a professional-looking website with a blog. You can technically start without one, but there are so many advantages to having a website that makes it more than worth the investment. Think of your website as your online storefront.

Besides, nothing lights a fire under your butt to take your side-hustle seriously like investing in it. In addition to whatever service or product you’re offering, it’s also a good idea to add a blog as a way to share quality content with your audience and drive traffic to your website.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a tech-geek to make your own website. Check out this easy step by step guide for launching your own website!

Or, if you thinking about breaking into freelance writing, here’s a no-nonsense free guide for getting started!

Corrie Alexander is an ISSA certified personal trainer, home fitness advocate, and founder of The Fit Careerist. A proponent of personal growth and a self-proclaimed fitness app-junkie, Corrie shares tips and product reviews with the goal of helping others on their own fitness journey.

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