• The case for low intensity exercise

    Low-Intensity Exercise: How to Tone Up by Toning it Down

    Low-intensity exercise tends to get overshadowed by the high-intensity variety, such as HIIT. (High-intensity interval training.) It’s not hard to see why; we live in the society where everyone is eternally crunched for time. Anything that promises the best results in the least amount of time is going to win over a lot of people. I’m included in those numbers…

  • Transformative new year's resolution ideas that will stick.
    Personal Growth

    Transformative New Year’s Resolution Ideas That Will Stick

    There seem to be two extremes when it comes to New Year’s resolution ideas: Those who think they’re pointless, and those who hang all their hopes and dreams on them. (And usually give up on them within days.) I think somewhere in the middle is where the magic can happen. Yes, personal development is something you can (and should) focus…

  • How to Diversify Your Income as a Freelance Writer.

    5 Ways to Diversify Your Income as a Freelance Writer

    Although freelance writing can be a lucrative business on its own, I believe it’s important to diversify your income. Even if your freelance writing clients are keeping you busy, it’s great to have other income to fall back on just in case. Not to mention, exploring new money-making ideas can  help take your business to the next level! There are any number…

  • How to make a lunchtime HIIT session work for you.
    Fitness,  Health & Wellness

    The Lunchtime HIIT Workout: How to Make it Work for You

    As a busy nine-to-fiver, you already know how hard it is to fit anything into your work week besides work. So the idea of a lunchtime HIIT workout session might seem laughable to you at first. It doesn’t help that sometimes you need to run errands on your lunch or something unexpected comes up that prevents you from even taking…

  • Walking for weight loss can be as easy as a leisurely stroll on a brisk autumn day.

    Does Walking for Weight Loss and Counting Steps Really Work?

    In recent years, I’ve become a huge advocate of walking for weight loss. In 2016, I was gifted my first fitness tracker for Christmas. It was a Fitbit Charge 2, and I immediately became obsessed with it, and “getting my steps in.” I was constantly competing in step challenges with my friends, which had me pacing around my house at…

  • Stressful job? Avoid a workplace meltdown with these tips.

    Handling Work Stress: What to Do When You’re Approaching Meltdown City

    Murphy is flaunting his law again, and it seems not a single thing has gone right today. Mistakes were made, the unexpected has happened, and the fallout is a domino effect of problems that are piling up quicker than the stack of overdue paperwork in the tray next to you. Your head is killing you and the phone won’t stop…

  • How to write faster as a freelance writer!
    Freelancing,  Productivity

    How to Write Faster as a Freelance Writer

    Believe it or not, the biggest challenge of being a freelance writer isn’t finding new clients. It’s finding time to actually do the writing. At least, it is when you also work full-time. When I first started landing freelance writing jobs, I was dismayed by how long it took me to even finish a 500 word project. I simply did…